Demolition Derby

Saturday in the Derby Pit -- it's what you've been waiting for all year!

The Derby will take place on Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 at 3:00 PM -- TOTAL CASH PURSE $1,300.00!

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Many people say that you often have events in your lives that create life-altering changes. For Keith "Stoney" Roberts, one of those events occurred at the age of 15. The year was 1936. His cousin Pete Grant was working for the B Ward Beam World Champion Daredevils. The automobile thrill show was playing Proctorville, Ohio, across the river from Keith’s home in Huntington, West Virginia. Pete talked Keith into attending the show as his guest. Little did he know that they were short of show personnel. Once he was track-side, the crew convinced him that he would make a good ramp hand and candidate for the Human Battering Ram (this is where a man lies on a junk car’s hood and is rammed through a flaming board wall). The car used for his first stunt was driven by none other than his cousin, Pete Grant. He did the stunt and the crowd gave him a round of applause. He was hooked! Much the same thing happens to many demolition derby drivers. During that year, in 1936, he was dubbed "Stoney" by Pete. After all, most stuntmen end up with fancy show names. In the years that followed, he became one of the most experienced crash & precision drivers in the nation. He worked his way from being a ramp hand to performing motorcycle stunts, to precision driving, and to performing stunts like the Transcontinental Bus Jump, with Rollovers, T-Bones, Dive Bombers, Flying Head-ons, Side Winders, Head-ons, Solid Wall Crashes (both Brick & Ice) and all the flaming stunts in between.

In 1992, he passed the reins of the company to his son, Frank Roberts. Frank had promised his father to take the Demolition experience into the 21st Century. He did so by producing the first Demolition Derby at Bushnell, Florida, in February of 2000 for the Discovery Channel’s documentary "The History of Demolition Derby". It was the first Derby of the 21st Century and the documentary continues to be shown occasionally on cable stations today. Frank and his crew continue to produce the Highest Quality of Demolition Derbies in the Nation. In the last 41 years, the company has produced derbies in more than twenty-three states east of the Mississippi River.

Stoney Roberts